8mm 170 Metre Tape

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8mm 170 Metre Tape

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8mm 170 metre Tape

The 8mm 170 meter Data Storage Tape offer a native data storage capacity of 2.5 GB but if you need more storage capacity than we also have the 170 meter tape available in 20 GB native storage capacity. This storage device has flexible storage capacities thanks to the option of storing data in compressed format. This makes the total storage capacity 5 GB in the first case and 40 GB in the second case as long as the data is in compressed format. The robust, light weight and small design of this tape is why it’s so popular in the storage industry. It is designed to quickly transfer your critical data for safe keeping.

Here at odsi.co.uk you can get amazing prices on all 8mm 170 metre Data Tape Drives including the IBM 59H2671, the IBM 59H2678, the Sony QGD170ME and the Exabyte 312629 Tape.