8mm 225 Metre Tape

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8mm 225 Metre Tape

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8mm 225 metre Tape

As can be understood from the name, this is a data storage tape that utilizes an 8mm wide and 225 metre long magnetic tape to store data, quickly and securely. It is popular due to its fast recording speed and compact size enabling it to be used in a variety of data storage applications. The tape offers a large native data storage capacity of 60 GB. The data can be compressed to ensure a better storage capacity of either 120 GB or even 150 GB. The 8mm tape drive is compatible with the Mammoth-2 auto loader and as such is ideal for small companies and data centres.

Here at odsi.co.uk we have got a number of 8mm 225 meter Data Storage Tape available at amazing prices including the Sony QGD225ME-2-B and the Exabyte 00558.