DDS BCODE-DDS Barcode Labels

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DDS BCODE-DDS Barcode Labels

The DDS BCODE-DDS Barcode Labels are available as one sheet containing 45 labels

Product Overview

The DDS BCODE-DDS Barcode Labels are custom printed labels available for all DDS tapes including the DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4, DDS-5 & DDS-6 Backup Tape cartridges. Unlike the other barcode labels that cater for any brand including famous brands like Fuji, Sony, Dell, HP, Maxell, Quantum, IBM, Imation or even unknown brands, these custom labels are specific for DDS tapes. The DDS BCODE-DDS Barcode Labels can be used in a variety of temperatures but are most suited to a room temperature environment. The temperature range for this product ranges from a minimum of 10 degree Celsius to a maximum of 40 degree Celsius which is regarded as the ideal working temperature for most products.

Key Features

45 Labels per sheet

Labels available for every DDS Backup tape

Minimum working temperature of 10 degree Celsius

Maximum working temperature of 40 degree Celsius