C5142A, HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Cartridge (Retail Pack)

HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Cartridge (Retail Pack)

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HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Cartridge (Retail Pack)

The HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Cartridge is used to clean various DLT Tape Drives. Recommended for all DLT III & DLT IV compliant drives (Not Compatible with DLT1, DLT VS or SDLT drives). Good for 20 Cleanings.

Product Overview

The HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Data Backup Tape Cartridge can be used with the DLT-III cartridges, DLT-III XT and the DLT-IV cartridges. In addition it is also compatible with the DLT-S4 cartridges. The HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Data Backup Storage Tape is designed to help various companies and or even including home based companies to effectively clean their DLT tapes containing critical data. It can be used to archive important files so that they are protected from harm. Its rigid and durable design ensures that you can reuse it multiple times and its long archival life ensures that it can be reused for the distant future. Please note that this cleaning tape does not work with DLT I, DLT VS80 or DLT VS160 Drives. HP tape cartridges are continuously tested and monitored to deliver the highest quality and reliability to the market. With an installed base of over eleven million drives, tape cartridge media far surpasses any other media being used today for data backup reliability.

Key Features

Amazing Quality and Performance

High Durability and Reliability

DLT drive compatibility

Enhanced Data Security

Long Archival Life