C7973A, HP LTO-3 Data Backup Tape (C7973A)

HP LTO-3 Data Backup Tape (C7973A)

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HP LTO-3 Data Backup Tape (C7973A)

The HP C7973A LTO 3 Backup Tape cartridge features a significant data storage capacity

Product Overview

Every business has a need to store their data in a safe place and have access to it at a moments notice. The HP C7973A LTO 3 Backup Tape Cartridge provides this service by offering high performance data storage at a fast transfer rate.The HP LTO-3 Tape drive provides excellent reliability and amazing investment protection in any business environment. Double storage space, double data transfer rate and the all new features makes the performance of this tape much superior from the previous generation LTO 2 tape drive.

Key Features

Large Storage Capacity of 400GB (800GB Compressed)

Fast Data Transfer Rate of 80MB/s

Enhanced Data Protection

Fast Access time

Long Storage Life of up to 30 years

Compatibility with 2 previous LTO Generations


The 400GB uncompressed data capacity of the HP LTO 3 Tape drive provides enough space for all your data storage needs. The HP LTO 3 Tape drive provides high quality with a good value. Since it is also compatible with most other LTO tape drives and accessories, the HP C7973A LTO 3 Storage Tape is a must have for any organisations archive and storage needs.

The all new WORM capability allows the HP C7973A LTO 3 Backup Tape to help businesses in record keeping. This is because the data will no longer be overwritten as was the case in previous LTO generations. This protects the data from accidentally being overwritten or from being tampered with.

Apart from all of the above the HP C7973A LTO 3 Storage Tape possesses a superior archival life of 30 years and is more durable than the previous generations. It is also compatible with both the HP LTO 2 and HP LTO 1 Backup Tapes and the HP LTO 4 and HP LTO 5 Backup Tapes. This allows companies to easily upgrade to newer HP LTO generations and formats. Finally this tape comes with a Lifetime limited warranty.