C7974A, HP C7974A LTO 4 Ultrium RW Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

HP C7974A LTO 4 Ultrium RW Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

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HP C7974A LTO 4 Ultrium RW Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

The HP LTO 4 Backup Tape features an uncompressed storage capacity of 800GB and data transfer rate of 120MB/s.

Product Overview

The HP C7974A LT0 4 Backup Tape Cartridge is the fourth generation of the LTO tape drives and provides impressive data storage capacity and data transfer rate while not compromising on security. Nearly double the storage capacity and 50% more speed than the LTO 3 Tape Cartridge allows the HP LTO 4 Storage Tape to manage the vast data growth of a business while keeping storage costs at a minimum.

Key Features

Large Storage Capacity of 800GB (1600GB Compressed)

High Data Transfer rate of 120MB/s

Enhanced Security

Encryption Capability

Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality

Long Storage Life of up to 30 years

Compatibility with 2 previous Generations


The HP C7974A LTO 4 Storage Tape provides high storage capacity along with a fast data transfer rate that meets the need for most businesses. Failure to manage and archive their data is a major concern for every business as it leads to disruption in business activity. The HP LTO 4 Tape Drive provides a solution to this problem by enabling every business to efficiently archive and manage their data at an affordable price.

More data can be recorded on the same amount of tape due to the presence of more tracks. Also an increased memory cartridge capacity allows faster access to data.

Security is not an issue with this data tape as it has advanced encryption capability and the W.O.R.M function. The W.O.R.M (Write Once Read Many) function prevents the data from being deleted or overwritten.

The Smart Grabber mechanism as well as the mechanical interlock functionality prevents the leader pin of the HP C7974A LTO 4 Data Tape to be caught in the tape housing.

The compatibility with two previous generations of the LTO family allows easy upgrading to the HP LTO-4 Backup Tape. This benefits companies currently using the HP LTO-3 Backup Tape or the LTO-2 Backup Tape.

A large archival life of 30 years and lifetime warranty makes this storage tape an ideal storage backup solution for small to medium sized businesses. The storage tape can be used for many applications including data storage and archiving, server backup and restore and library automation.