C7975A, HP LTO 5 Data Backup Tape (C7975A)

HP LTO 5 Data Backup Tape (C7975A)

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HP LTO 5 Data Backup Tape (C7975A)

Offering a Large Native Data Storage Capacity of 1.5 TB and a Fast Data Transfer Rate of 140 MB/s

Product Overview

The HP C7975A Backup Tape Cartridge is the fifth generation LTO tape offering enhanced features and some new capabilities. One of the highlights of this Storage tape is that it provides amazing capacity and data transfer rate at a competitive price. Thus it offers a very good balance between cost and performance.
The HP LTO 5 Data Backup Tape is manufactured with great care so as not to compromise on quality or performance. It is run through a rigorous testing phase to ensure it is reliable and fault free.

Key Features

Native Storage Capacity of 1.5 TB (3 TB Compressed)

Fast Data Transfer Rate of 140 MB/s (280MB/s Compressed)

Partition Capability (2 parts)

Compatibility with 2 previous generations

Encryption Capability

Supports Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

30 years Archival Life


The HP C7975A LTO 5 Backup Tape has some amazing features that greatly benefit the user. This tape is ideally suited to solve the backup problems of medium to large sized organisations. This is due to the low cost per GB offered as well as the quick archiving capability.

The security of your data is not compromised as advanced encryption techniques protect the data from malicious software, viruses and hackers. The data can also be overwritten if required enabling the tape to be reused if required by the company.

This HP LTO 5 Storage Tape also supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS). Using this system a user can simply use the storage tape like any other removable media or USB. This system also enables simple drag and drop commands. Thus overall the HP C7975A Tape is more user friendly than previous generations.

The partition feature along with the increased cartridge memory allows for quicker access to data. The compatibility with 2 previous generations allows companies to easily upgrade to this new generation, if they are using the previous generation of HP LTO tapes.

The tape comes with a long archival life of 30 years and a life time warranty so that companies can take advantage of archiving their important information for long periods of time safely, reliably and securely.