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Cisco Air Products

The Cisco Air (Aironet) products provide fast, secure and reliable connectivity wireless connections both for indoor and outdoor usage. The Cisco Air products on sale here at ODSI are good for consumers having high usage of internet facilities. This is because these devices help ensure an interference-free and a high speed wireless network experience. Having a good overall range and a robust security system, the Cisco Air products are ideal for any office environment. There are many types of Aironet series available in the market and here at we have a number of Cisco Air products for sale at a competitive price. In the broader category they are divided into the Cisco Air Ct Series and the Cisco Aironet. Feel free to browse through our inventory of Cisco Air Products by selecting an appropriate category.

All Product List

Cisco Aironet

AIR-ACC245LA-R Cisco AIR-ACC245LA-R Aironet Lightning Arrestor
AIR-ACC2537-060 Cisco antenna extension cable - 1.5 m
AIR-ACC2662 Cisco Aironet Antenna Kit Yagi - Antenna mount
AIR-ACCPMK1500 Cisco Aironet 1500 Pole-Mount Kit
AIR-ACCRMK1300 Cisco network device outdoor mounting kit
AIR-ACCRWM1400 Cisco Aironet 1400 Roof/Wall Mount Kit
AIR-ANT1728 Cisco Aironet AIR-ANT1728 Antenna - 5 dB
AIR-ANT24020V-R Cisco 2.4 GHZ 2 Dbi Omni Ceiling-Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT2410Y-R Cisco 2.4 GHZ 10 Dbi Yagi with RP-TNC
AIR-ANT24120 Cisco Aironet Antenna Kit Omni - antenna
AIR-ANT2414S-R Cisco Sector Antenna 2.4GHZ 14DBI with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT2422DW-R= Cisco AIR-ANT2422DW-R - 2.4GHZ - 2.2DBI DIPOLE Antenna
AIR-ANT2430V-R Cisco 2.4GHZ 3 dBi Triple-Omni Antenna 3 RP-TNC; Spare
AIR-ANT2450V-N 2.4GHZ 5.0 Dbi Omni Antenna-with N Connector
AIR-ANT2451V-R Cisco 2.4 GHZ3 Dbi;5 GHZ3.5 Dbi-Omni Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT2452V-R 2.4GHZ 5.2 Dbi Diversity-Pillar Mount Antenna RP-TNC
AIR-ANT2455V-N Cisco Aironet 2.4 GHZ 5.5DBI-Omni Antenna With N Connector
AIR-ANT2460P-R Cisco 2.4GHz 6 Dbi Patch Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT2465P-R Cisco AIR-ANT2465P-R - 2.4 GHZ 6.5 Dbi Diversity Patch Antenna
AIR-ANT2485P-R Cisco AIR-ANT2485P-R Aironet 8.5 Dbi Patch Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT2506 Cisco 5.2 dBi Omnidirectional Mast Mount Antenna
AIR-ANT2524DB-R= Cisco AIR-ANT2524DB-R= network antenna
AIR-ANT2524DG-R Cisco network antenna
AIR-ANT2524DG-R= Cisco network antenna
AIR-ANT2524DW-R Cisco Aironet - 4 dBi - Dipole
AIR-ANT2524DW-R= Cisco Aironet - 4 dBi - Dipole
AIR-ANT2544V4M-R Cisco AIR-ANT2544V4M-R - Aironet Dual-Band MIMO Wall-Mounted Omnidirectional Antenna
AIR-ANT2547V-N= Cisco Aironet AIR-ANT2547V-N Dual Band Omni Antenna
AIR-ANT2547VG-N Cisco Aironet 2.4 GHz 4dBi-5 GHz 7dBi Dual-Band Omnidirectional Antenna
AIR-ANT3338 Cisco 21 dBi Solid Dish Antenna
AIR-ANT4941 Cisco AIR-ANT4941 Aironet 2.2dBi 2.4GHz Dipole Black Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT5135DG-R Cisco Aironet - AIR-ANT5135DG-R - 5GHZ 3.5DBI Dip Straight-Antenna
AIR-ANT5135DW-R= Cisco Aironet 3.5-dBi Articulated Dipole Antenna
AIR-ANT5135SDW-R Cisco 5GHz Stubby
AIR-ANT5135SDW-R= Cisco 5GHz Stubby
AIR-ANT5145V-R Cisco 5GHZ 4.5DBI Diversity Omni with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT5160V-R Cisco AIR-ANT5160V-R - 5GHz 6dBi Omnidirectional Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT5195P-R 5GHZ 9.5DBI Patch Antenna with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ANT58G10SSA-N Cisco Air-ANT58G10SSA-N Aironet 5.8 GHz 9.5dBi Antennas Accessories
AIR-ANT58G28SDA-N Cisco Aironet 5.8 GHZ 28 Dbi Dish Antenna
AIR-ANTM4050V-R Cisco 4DBI/2.4G 5DBI/5GHZ-Dual Band Ceiling Mount Antenna
AIR-AP1131-E-K9-10 Cisco AIR-AP1131-E-K9-10 802.11AG Integrated Radio-Antenna FCC Config 10 APS
AIR-AP1131AG-E-K9 Aironet 1130AG AP 802.11A/b/G Integrated Antenna
AIR-AP1131G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1131G - Radio access point - 802.11b/g
AIR-AP1141N-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1141 - Radio access point - 802.11b/g/n
AIR-AP1142-AK9-5PR 802.11A/G/N Fixed IOS AP-Int Antenna Reg Domain 5 APS
AIR-AP1142N-N-K9 Cisco 802.11A/G/N Fixed Auto AP-Int Antenna N Reg Domain
AIR-AP1242-E-K9-10 Cisco AIR-AP1242-E-K9-10 802.11A/G Non Modular IOS-AP RP TNC FCC CNFG 10 APS
AIR-AP1242G-E-K9 AIR-AP1242G-E-K9 802.11g non-modular Cisco IOS Access Point; RP-TNC
AIR-AP1250 Modular Auto AP Plat-No Radio Modules Spare
AIR-AP1252G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1252G - Radio access point - 802.11b/g/n (draft 2.0)
AIR-AP521G-E-K9 Cisco AIR-AP521G-E-K9 Wireless Antennas and LAN Controllers
AIR-BR1310G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1310 Outdoor AP/Brown with RP-TNC Connectors, FCC Config
AIR-BR1310G-E-K9-T Cisco BR1310 Transportation SKU - FCC Domain and Extended Antenna Option
AIR-BR1410A-E-K9-N Aironet 1410 Wireless Bridge with N-Type Connector FCC CNFG
AIR-CAB020LL-R Cisco AIR-CAB020LL-R Network Cable - 6.10 m - 1 x RP-TNC - 1 x RP-TNC
AIR-CAB150ULL-R 150FT Ultra Low Loss Cable Assembly with RP-TNC Connector
AIR-CAP1532E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1532E - Radio Access Point
AIR-CAP1602E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1602E IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point
AIR-CAP1602I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1602i Controller-based - radio access point
AIR-CAP1602I-EK910 Cisco Aironet 1602i Controller-based - radio access point
AIR-CAP1702I-E-K9 Cisco AIR-CAP1702I-E-K9 Aironet 1702i Controller-based radio access point
AIR-CAP2602E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 2602E IEEE 802.11n 450 Mbps Wireless Access Point
AIR-CAP2602I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 2602i Controller Based Dual-Band Wireless-N Access Point
AIR-CAP2702E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 2702e Controller-Based - Radio Access Point
AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 Aironet 2702i Controller-Based - Radio Access Point
AIR-CAP3501E-E-K9 Cisco AIR-CAP3501E-E-K9 Aironet 3501e - Radio Access Point
AIR-CAP3501I-E-K9 Cisco AIR-CAP3501I-E-K9 Aironet 3501i - Radio Access Point - 802.11b/g/n
AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 Cisco AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 - 802.11A/G/N Controller-Basd AP-Clean Air Extended Antenna
AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 Cisco Systems Cisco Aironet 3502e - Radio access point - 802.11 a-b-g-n
AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 3502I IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point - ISM Band - UNII Band - 2 x Antenna
AIR-CAP3502I-I-K9 Cisco Aironet AIR-CAP3502I-I-K9 / 3502i - Radio Access Point
AIR-CAP3502I-S-K9 Cisco Air-CAP3502I-S-K9 3500 Series Aironet Access Points
AIR-CAP3502I-T-K9 Cisco Air-CAP3502I-T-K9 3500 Series Aironet Wall Mounting Access Points
AIR-CAP3602E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 3602E IEEE 802.11n 450 Mbps Wireless Access Point - ISM Band - UNII Band - 1 x Network
AIR-CAP3602I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet CAP3602I-E-K9 Wireless LAN Access Point
AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 3702i Controller-based - radio access point
AIR-CAP702I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 702I IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point
AIR-CAS-3KT-K9 Cisco Context Aware Eng for-Tags License for 3K Tag
AIR-CAS-6KT-K9 Cisco Air-CAS-6KT-K9 Aironet Context Aware Engine for 6K Tags
AIR-CB21AG-E-K9 Cisco 802.11a/b/g Cardbus Adapter FCC CNFG
AIR-CB21AG-E-K9-40 Cisco Air-CB21AG-E-K9-40 Wireless CardBus Aironet Adapter
AIR-CT100-1140A30 Buy Cisco AIR-CT100-1140A30 / 802.11A/G/N CFG 5508-100 30APS WCS DEMO
AIR-CT12-1140A5 Buy Cisco AIR-CT12-1140A5 / 802.11N PROMOTIONAL PK W/ 1 WRLS Controller
AIR-CT2504-RMNT= Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller Rack Mount Bracket - Rack mounting kit - for Cisco 2504 Wireless Cont
AIR-LAP1041N-E-K9 Cisco 802.11G/N Fixed Unified-AP Int Antenna A Reg Domain
AIR-LAP1042N-E-K9 Cisco 802.11A/G/N Fixed Unified-AP Int Antenna A Reg Domain
AIR-LAP1131-AK9-10 Buy Cisco AIR-LAP1131-AK9-10 Aironet Lightweight Access Point 1131AG
AIR-LAP1131AG-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1130AG - Radio Access Point
AIR-LAP1131G-E-K9 Cisco AIR-LAP1131G-E-K9 Aironet 1131G - Radio access point
AIR-LAP1142-AK9-10 Cisco AIR-LAP1142-AK9-10 Aironet 1140 Wireless Access Point
AIR-LAP1142-AK9-PR Buy Cisco AIR-LAP1142-AK9-PR Aironet Lightweight Access Point
AIR-LAP1142-NK9-10 Cisco Aironet AIR-LAP1142-NK9-10 (1142 Controller) Radio Access Point
AIR-LAP1142-NK9-PR CISCO - Cisco Aironet 1142 Access Point
AIR-LAP1142-TK9-10 Cisco Aironet 1142 Access Point - IEEE 802.11n (draft) 300Mbps - 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T - 10 Pack
AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1142 Controller-based AP - radio access point
AIR-LAP1142N-K-K9 Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-K-K9 / Aironet 1142N Wireless Lightweight Access Point
AIR-LAP1142N-P-K9 Cisco Aironet 1142N Lightweight Access Point
AIR-LAP1142N-T-K9 AIR-LAP1142N-T-K9 - Cisco Aironet 1142 Controller-based AP - radio access point
AIR-LAP1242-AK9-10 802.11AG Lwapp AP DUAL2.4-5GHZ RP TNC FCC CNFG 10AP
AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 Buy Cisco AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 Aironet 1242AG - Radio Access Point - 802.11a/b/g
AIR-LAP1242AG-N-K9 Cisco 1200 Ser Wireless-802.11AG Lwapp AP DUAL2.4
AIR-LAP1242G-E-K9 AIR-LAP1242G-E-K9 802.11g non-modular LWAPP access point; RP-TNC
AIR-LAP1250 Cisco Modular Unified AP Platfm-No Radio Modules Spare
AIR-LAP1252-N-K9-5 Cisco 802.11N Lwapp AP Dual-Band 2.4/5GHZ RP-TNC
AIR-LAP1252AG-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1252AG - Radio access point
AIR-LAP1252G-E-K9 802.11g/n-draft 2.0 2.4-GHz Modular Unified AP; 3 RP-TNC; FCC
AIR-LAP1261N-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1260 Series Access Point (Controller-Based) - Radio Access Point
AIR-LAP1262N-AK910 802.11A/G/N Controller-BASD10AP-Clean Air Extended
AIR-LAP1262N-E-K9 Cisco 802.11A/G/N Controller-Basd AP-Extended Antenna A Reg
AIR-LAP1310G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1310G Outdoor Access Point - Radio access point - 802.11b/g
AIR-LAP1310G-E-K9R Cisco Aironet 1310G Outdoor Access Point - radio access point
AIR-LAP1522AG-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1522AG Lightweight Outdoor Mesh Access Point - Radio access point
AIR-LAP1522HZ-E-K9 Cisco Wireless Lan Access Point
AIR-LAP1522PC-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1522 Mesh Access Point
AIR-LAP1524PS-E-K9 AIR-LAP1524PS-E-K9 - Cisco Aironet 1524PS Lightweight Access Point - radio access point
AIR-LAP521G-E-K9 Cisco 521 Wireless Express AP (Cisco Unified Wireless Network)
AIR-PI21AG-E-K9 802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter FCC CNFG 10-Pack
AIR-PI21AG-E-K9-10 802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter FCC CNFG 10-Pack
AIR-PWR-5500-AC Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Control-Redundant P/S
AIR-PWR-B= Cisco AC Adapter - 48V DC for wireless Access Point - 110V AC 220V AC 380mA
AIR-PWR-SPLY1 Cisco AIR-PWR-SPLY1 Power Supply 1250 Series Spare
AIR-PWRINJ-BLR2 Cisco 48V Power Injector - Spare
AIR-PWRINJ4 Power Injector 1250 Series Spare
AIR-SAP1602E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1602i Standalone - radio access point
AIR-SAP1602I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 1602i Standalone - radio access point
AIR-SAP1602I-EK9-5 Cisco AIR-SAP1602I-EK9-5 Cisco Aironet 1600 Series Access Point
AIR-SAP2602E-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 2602e Standalone - radio access point
AIR-SAP2602I-E-K9 Cisco Aironet 2602I IEEE 802.11n 450 Mbps Wireless Access Point
AIR-WLC2106-K9 Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN Controller
AIR-WLC2112-K9 2100 Series WLAN Controller for up to 12 Lightweight APs
AIR-WLC2125-K9 Cisco Aironet 2125 Wireless LAN Controller
AIR-WLC4402-12-K9 Cisco 4400 Series WLAN Controller for up to 12 Cisco Lightweight APs
AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 Cisco 4400 Series WLAN Controller for up to 25 Cisco Lightweight APs
AIR-WLC4402-50-C4K Cisco WLC4402-50 CAT4K Bundle
AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 Cisco AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 4400 Series WLAN Controller for up to 50 Cisco Lightweight APs
AIR-WLC4404-100-K9 Cisco 4400 Series WLAN Controller for up to 100 Cisco Lightweight APs
AIR-WLC526-K9 Cisco AIR-WLC526-K9 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller
WAP121-E-K9-G5 Cisco WAP121 Wireless-N Access Point with Power over Ethernet - Radio Access Point
WAP4410N-G5 Cisco Small Business WAP4410N-G5 Wireless Access Point

Aironet Power Injector

AIR-PWRINJ-BLR2 Cisco AIR-PWRINJ-BLR2 Aironet 1300 Power Injector
AIR-PWRINJ3= Cisco Power Over Thernet Module
AIR-PWRINJ4= Cisco Power Injector for Cisco Aironet 1250 Series
AIR-PWRINJ5= Cisco Aironet Power Injector - power injector - 15.4 Watt

Cisco Air CT Series

AIR-CT25-1140A10 Cisco Power Supply 1250 Series Spare
AIR-CT2504-15-K9 2504 Wireless Controller with 15 AP Licenses
AIR-CT2504-25-K9 2504 Wireless Controller with 25 AP Licenses
AIR-CT2504-5-K9 Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller - Network management device - 4 ports - 5 access points
AIR-CT2504-50-K9 Cisco Air CT2504 Wireless LAN Controller - Gigabit Ethernet - Rack-mountable
AIR-CT5508-100-K9 Cisco AIR-CT5508-100-K9 Aironet 5508 Wireless Controller
AIR-CT5508-12-K9 Cisco 5508 Series Wireless Controller for up to 12 APs
AIR-CT5508-25-K9 Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller - network management device
AIR-CT5508-250-K9 Cisco 5508 Series Wireless Controller for up to 250 APs
AIR-CT5508-50-K9 Cisco AIR-CT5508-50-K9 Aironet 5508 Wireless LAN Controller