Data Tape Description

Data Backup Tapes (also known as backup media tapes) are one of the most reliable mediums for preserving sensitive organizational data. The backup media tapes can safely record the massive mission-critical data and ensure reliable restore. In comparison to other data storage technologies, the backup tape solution is more economical and offers longer working life.
We are offering all of the leading backup media tapes including SLR-MLR Data Tape, Enterprise tape, Digital Data Storage DDS Tape, Super DLT or SDLT Backup Tape, DTF (Digital Tape Format), 8 mm Tape, DLT, T10000 Media Tape, VXA Tape, Digital Linear tape, Advanced Intelligent tape AIT, QIC (Quarter inch cartridge) and LTO (Linear tape open). LTO Data Backup Tape is also known as ultrium tape.
Due to high competition in UK and especially in England, all leading brands of these data media tapes are being offered at a low price. Data-rich organizations around the globe prefer data tapes. Majority of the organizations in England and all of UK are using backup media tapes for data protection. The most successful and popular tape generations of the above mentioned data media tapes are DAT 160 tape, AIT 5 Tape, LTO 3 Ultrium Tape, Travan TR 5 Tape, DDS 6 Media Tape, LTO 4 Data Tape, SLR 140, DDS 2, AIT turbo tape, SDLT 2 backup tape, LTO 1 ultrium, DLT-IV Tape, VXA 2, LTO 5 ultrium tape, DAT 72 tape, VXA 1 tape and DAT 320 tape.