DDS-1 Tape

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DDS-1 Tape

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The DDS-1 Data Storage Tape is the first generation in the Digital Data Storage technology offering enough space for backing up your critical data. The DDS-1 tape has got a native storage capacity of 1.3 GB that can be increased to 2.6 GB if the data is in compressed format. This allows storage of essential data at small offices and even freelancers and consultants who work directly from home. The tape has a width of just 3.8mm and a total tape length of about 60 metres. The data transfer rate of 0.18MB/s allows for quick transfer of data.

Some of the DDS-1 Tape on sale at include Sony DG90P-B, the HP C5706A-B, the Maxell 2291990 and the Imation 42818.