DLT-VS1 Tape

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DLT-VS1 Tape

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DLT VS1 Tape

This tape drive of the Digital Linear Tape technology introduces a large storage space capacity. There are two versions the first being the VS 160 that has got a native capacity of 80 GB and a compressed storage capacity of 160 GB. The other version is the V4 that has actually got a native storage capacity of 160 GB and a compressed data storage capacity of nearly 320 GB.  The data transfer rates for both these types of DLT VS1 Backup Tape are 8 MB/s and 10 MB/s respectively. These tapes are robust and designed for archiving due to their long archival life of nearly 30 years.

Here at odsi.co.uk we have the Quantum MR-V1MQN-01, the Quantum MR-V1MQN-01-B, the Dell 0P5639-B, the Sony DLTVS1-160 and the HP C8007A for sale at competitive prices.