EA192M-BK, NEC LCD EA192M-BK Eco-Friendly PC TV 19 Inch Monitor

NEC LCD EA192M-BK Eco-Friendly PC TV 19 Inch Monitor

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NEC LCD EA192M-BK Eco-Friendly PC TV 19 Inch Monitor

NEC LCD EA192M-BK 19 Inch PC Monitor is reliable and perfect for personal and commercial digital requirements.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD EA192M-BK 19 Inch Desktop PC that improves efficiency, productivity, computing capability with excellent effectiveness. This is much better and reliable product compared to previous NEC LCDs and LED backlighting facilitates it to spend less power in general, glow with less heat, use a smaller amount packaging, weigh less, make use of recycled plastics in its production and make it free of dangerous resources for example arsenic and mercury. These benefits combined with extensive connectivity, an ergonomic propose and high distinction ratio, make this model perfect for enterprise use. The NEC LCD EA192M-BK 19 Inch LED-Backlit PC Monitor technology is industry leading LCD product that provides extraordinary performance and working capability, flexibility and relieves your viewing favourites. This is low cost highly appreciated LCD product with eco-friendly consequences.

Key Features

LED Backlight technology provides low power spending

Height Adjustment, spin around, tilt and rotate capabilities

ECO Mode utility helps save power

IPM (Intelligent Power Manager) system capability

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost and less weigh

25,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with Dynamic Visual Mode

NaViSetAdministrotor2 Capability with software solution

Resolution (Optimum) 1280x1024