LCD175M, NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch Desktop PC Monitor

NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch Desktop PC Monitor

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NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch Desktop PC Monitor

NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch Screen Monitor for computers is reliable and generally boosts your productivity.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch Monitor TFT (TN) Display Screen is widely reliable and with common used LCD technology with low cost, simple compact design and simplicity of manufacturing are highly beneficial for use. This high quality LCD monitor facilitates single pixels to be symbolized on a display of every size, and classy control system allows every pixel to be deal with in such a way that a spotless, fine image is generated. The NEC LCD 175M 17 Inch PC Monitor TV is boosting efficiency while being environmentally gracious with eco-conscious that improves your desktop computing capability with built in speakers. This NEC LCD model is very economical with features like 42% less energy expenditure and 50% less mercury content than its ancestors, all these benefits combined with desktop design, a high-contrast monitor and Windows 7 readiness make this model perfect for personal or corporate environments use.

Key Features

Ambix Dual-Input technology facilitates for Analogy/Digital compatibility through upgraded video and software with connection to two systems.

ECO Mode utility helps save power

IPM (Intelligent Power Manager) system capability

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost

TCO 5.0 and ENERGY STAR 5.0

NaViSetAdministrotor2 Capability with software solution

Resolution (Optimum) 1280x1024