LTX1500G, Sony LTX1500G LTO5 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (1.5TB/3.0TB) Retail Pack

Sony LTX1500G LTO5 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (1.5TB/3.0TB) Retail Pack

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Sony LTX1500G LTO5 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (1.5TB/3.0TB) Retail Pack

Features a large 1.5 TB of uncompressed data storage capacity and a fast data transfer rate of 140 MB/s.

Product Overview

The Sony LTX1500G LTO 5 Backup Tape Cartridge gives even more reliability, storage, transfer speeds and security than the previous versions of the technology. It comes with more advancement on the tape and a new binder system to guarantee a more stable operation. It is eco friendly and can be used by medium to large sized organisations as an effective data backup solution.

Key Features

Large Storage Capacity of 1.5 TB (3 TB Compressed)

Fast Data Transfer Speed of 140 MB/s (280 MB/s Compressed)

Enhanced Security

Encryption Capability

Media Partition Capable (2 parts)

Compatibility with 2 previous Generations

Supports Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

Long Storage Life of up to 30 years


The Sony Ultrium 5 with its high data storage capacity and fast data transfer rate allows enables a high quality storage experience. An advanced coating technology along with all new metal particles provides more space and better performance.

The partition capability allows users to access data much more quickly than before. Two writable part on the same tape allow for a more organised data backup and easier reading facility. Quicker data access is also due to the internal cartridge memory that is not present in other data tape formats.

The Linear Tape File System makes data storage simple because with the LTFS system the tape behaves like any other removal media (USB, flash drive etc.). Compatibility with 2 previous generations of LT0 backup tapes allows companies to easily upgrade to the Sony LTX1500G Backup Tape.

An excellent encryption facility protects the data from hackers, viruses and other malicious software. Also a durable design and a long archival life of 30 years with life time warranty makes this tape ideal as a long term backup solution.