MASTER-ALUMINUM, Turtle Master Aluminum - 5 Case Capacity

Turtle Master Aluminum - 5 Case Capacity

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Turtle Master Aluminum - 5 Case Capacity

The MASTER-ALUMINUM Storage Case offers the ability to effectively store all types of data storage tapes

Product Overview

The importance of not only storing data but also looking after your storage media cannot be underestimated. Thus the MASTER-ALUMINUM Storage Case is a storage case used to help store data tapes for safe keeping during transit or during office storage. This case comes made in an aluminium metal to help reduce weight but not to comprise on data security. This storage case has effective seals on all the edges to ensure that no dirt and no water can enter and damage the tapes stored inside. Air is trapped inside the case to ensure proper insulation and thus protecting the tapes from drastic external temperature changes. Double walls ensure that impact damage is greatly reduced providing even more protection. The MASTER-ALUMINUM Storage Case is made of special aluminium material that allows for great durability and rigidity. All brands of tapes including Sony, Quantum, Maxell, Dell and HP can be stored in this case.

Key Features

Capacity to store 5 data tapes

Protection from dirt and water damage

Air Insulation

Durable and Rigid Design

Special foam for improved safety