MR-L4MQN-01, Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 LTO 4 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 LTO 4 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

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Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 LTO 4 Ultrium Data Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

The Quantum LTO 4 Backup Tape features a native data storage capacity of 800 GB and a data transfer speed of 120 MB/s.

Product Overview

The Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 LT0 4 Backup Tape Cartridge introduces a few new features while improving existing features at the same time. It provides double the native data storage capacity than the Quantum LTO 3 Tape Cartridge and a faster data transfer speed. A rigorous manufacturing process ensures the tape is fault free and at the same time gives high performance and a low cost per storage.

Key Features

Native Storage Capacity of 800 GB (1600 GB Compressed)

Data Transfer rate of 120 MB/s (240 MB/s Compressed)

Enhanced Security

Encryption Capability

Compatibility with 2 previous Generations

Long Archival Life of 30 years


The Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 LTO 4 Storage Tape provides enough large capacity along with a fast data transfer rate. This tape is ideally suited to solve the backup problems of medium sized organisations. It is a highly stable and reliable storage solution that allows you to go from box to backup in just a few minutes.

A benefit of the Quantum LTO 4 Tape is the greater number of tracks on the tape. Thus more data can be recorded on the same amount of tape. An increased memory cartridge capacity of about 8KiB allows user to get quicker access to data whether the purpose is to read or write.

The compatibility with two previous generations of the LTO family allows easy upgrading to the Quantum MR-L4MQN Tape. This benefits companies currently using the Quantum LTO-3 Backup Tape or the Quantum LTO 2 Backup Tape as when they feel that they need a more advanced tape then they can easily upgrade to the newer LTO 4 Tape.

A large archival life of 30 years, good durable design and lifetime warranty makes this storage tape an ideal long term backup solution. The storage tape can be used for many applications including data storage, archiving, server backup and restore and library automation.