MULT1, Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case

Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case

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Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case

The Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case is able to store multiple data tape formats in just one case

Product Overview

In the data storage industry, it is not only important to have the right data backup tapes but also the right means to store and move these tapes quickly, safely and securely. The Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case is just the tool needed for this as it helps to effectively store various data storage tapes no matter which format or brand they belong to. It has the capability to store all the leading data formats including LTO Ultrium, DDS, DLT, AIT and many more. This device comes in an attractive red colour and comes with an effective pad locking system. This storage case has effective seals on all the edges to ensure that no dirt or water enters and damages the tapes stored inside. The Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Multimedia Storage Case is made of a special material that allows for great durability but at the same time is light weight with a total wright as low as 2.4 kg allowing it to be easy to move or travel with.

Key Features

Numerous Data tape formats can be stored

Protection from dirt and water damage

Pad lockable Sturdy latches

Durable yet light weight

Foams for added protection

15.5"L x 13.25"W x 6"H
>4 lbs


Customizable by customer with removable 1/2" foam cubes. Four sheets of "pluckable" foam in base and one sheet of soft foam adhered to inside of lid. Foam may be configured to meet various media dimensions.

Turtle padlock TL 5020 or 6410 recommended accessory. Multiple locks may be keyed alike.

CAPACITY : Dependent upon how customer configures foam