P10DDLSA00A, Fuji LTO-4 Data Backup Tape (P10DDLSA00A)

Fuji LTO-4 Data Backup Tape (P10DDLSA00A)

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Fuji LTO-4 Data Backup Tape (P10DDLSA00A)

The Fuji P10DDLSA00A LTO4 Ultrium Data Storage Tape achieved excellent data storage capacity 800GB (native)

Product Overview

The Fuji film P10DDLSA00A LTO-4 Ultrium Data Storage tape cartridge that is achieved super compressed data storage capacity up to 1600GB with fast compressed data transfer speed up to 240MB/Sec. Fuji film LTO4 Data Storage Device is the first of its kind product to use Fujifilm's patented NANOCUBIC coating technology to attains super capacity and excellence levels in magnetic tape. Moreover, LTO4 Ultrium technology adopted hardware base encryption ability (AES 256-Bit) that improves the overall performance in terms of protection, and security of important data, and strengthens its consequence as a consistent high quality data storage solution for small and medium organizations.

Key Features

Enlarged Data Storage Capacity 800GB (Native) 1600GB (Compressed)

Fast data transfer speed 120MB/Sec (Native) 240MB/Sec (Compressed)

Enhanced Data tracks on half inch wide tape

Patented Metal Particles (NANOCUBIC Technology)

AES Encryption Capability

Available in Rewriteable and WORM Cartridge

Compatibility with Previous two versions

Archival capacity up to 30 years