P551-AVT, NEC LCD P551-AVT 55 Inch PC Monitor Display

NEC LCD P551-AVT 55 Inch PC Monitor Display

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NEC LCD P551-AVT 55 Inch PC Monitor Display

NEC LCD P551-AVT PC Display 55 Inch Monitor is reliable professional grade panel Ideal for challenging digital signage applications.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD P551-AVT 55 Inch Display Monitor is best panel that increase your messaging choices with higher screen performance. The NEC P Series offers high quality solution for your digital signage requests with excellence contrast, best design and DSTS (Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suites) that enable advanced and reliable displays perfect for 24/7 function even in very tough and harsh conditions. The NEC LCD P551-AVT Display TV 55 Inch Screen can be installing at airports, healthcare, public information, retail and many locations that need a mixture of dazzling images and quality of display supervisions. The built in expansion slot helps to save your future investment, facilitating for flawless integration of NEC and other branded devices and ability to merely put together touch screen technology or protective glass opens these models up to yet more applications, comprising with way finding and soaring traffic areas.

Key Features

Professional Grade High Quality LCD Panel (55 Inch)

Digital Tuner Capabilities

TileMatrix Creates Video Wall Up to 10x10

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost

Compatible with HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort

Ethernet Plus RS-232 Remote Controlled Ability

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Built In Low Profile 10W Speakers With Quality Sound


Resolution (native) 1920x1080