SDX1-35C, Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (35GB/91GB) Retail Pack

Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (35GB/91GB) Retail Pack

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Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (35GB/91GB) Retail Pack

Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Backup Tape Cartridge

This tape features a data storage capacity of 35 GB and a transfer speed of 4 MB/s

Product Overview

The Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Backup Tape Cartridge is ideal for use in small sized businesses and data centres due to its ample storage capacity and good transfer speed. The tape is a durable and reliable storage solution at an affordable price and can be used for backup, archive and restore.

Key Features

Native Data Storage Capacity of 35 GB (91 GB Compressed)

Data Transfer Rate of 4 MB/s

Good Reliability

Compatible with a number of AIT Drives

Advanced Metal Evaporated Media Technology

DLC Coating

30 years Archival Life


The Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Data Cartridge offers superior reliability and durability mainly due to two technologies. The tape possesses the Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology and also the Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) technology. These two technologies combine to protect the tape from wear and tear damage and thus allow for a reliable and durable storage solution.

The SDX1-35C Data Cartridge is faster compared to other storage tapes of the same generation due to the internal cartridge memory. Thus users can gain quicker access to data and can either read, write or even amend the data faster than before.

The Sony SDX1-35C Data Tape is compatible with a majority of tape drives including the AIT-1, AIT-1 Turbo, AIT-2, AIT-2 Turbo, AIT-3 and AIT-3Ex drives. Thus users can avoid the hassle of purchasing a specific tape drive for this data cartridge.

The SDX1-35C Backup Tape has a long archival life of 30 years and comes with a lifetime warranty. This makes it a good long term storage solution for most small scaled businesses and data centres.