SDX4-200C-B, Sony SDX4-200C AIT-4 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/520GB) Bulk Pack

Sony SDX4-200C AIT-4 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/520GB) Bulk Pack

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Sony SDX4-200C AIT-4 Data Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/520GB) Bulk Pack

The Sony SDX4-200C-B AIT-4 Data Backup Tape is the bulk pack edition of the Sony SDX4-200C Tape. Bulk pack tapes are brand new retail tapes, packed without the colourful J-card inserts in the individual plastic casing, making them more eco and cost effective. Available in any quantity.

Product Overview

The Sony SDX4-200C-B Bulk AIT-4 Data Backup Tape Cartridge belongs to the Advanced Intelligent Tape format (AIT) and is developed by Sony to offer great scalability and storage capability. This Data Backup Tape utilises high-tech technology and as such comes with much improved features and capabilities than the previous generation of the AIT tape technology. This device offers a native data storage capacity of 200 GB making it perfect for use in mid-sized companies. As is the case with most backup tapes, the total data storage space can also be increased to 520 GB if the data is stored in a compressed format. Transferring data to and from the device is very easy and fast as this backup tape offers a fast data transfer rate. The Sony SDX4-200C-B AIT-4 Bulk Storage Tape is designed to help companies to effectively backup their critical data. It can be used to archive important files so that they are protected from harm. Its rigid and durable design ensures that your data is always kept safe in the event of an emergency like an attack from hackers.

Key Features

Large Data Storage Capacity of 200 GB (520 GB Compressed)

Fast Data Transfer Rate

Compatibility with previous AIT Tapes

Enhanced Data Security

Long Archival Life