Tape Storage Cases

Best On-line IT store in England, Great Britain. Once you have backed up the precious data onto a storage medium, it is important that you should protect it. The best solution is to keep them in a storage case. Leading backup medium are tape cartridges, CD DVD disks and optical cartridges. Damage to these backup tapes and optical disks can be financially catastrophic. Turtle storage cases are well-renowned for their superior quality. Turtle tape storage cases protect your storage medium and you benefit from your backup data for a longer time period. Turtle fire proof storage cases are also available. So protect your precious backup tapes and other storage medium with the highly durable Turtle tape storage cases. We are offering LTO tape storage cases, DLT tape storage cases, 4 mm storage cases, 3590 9840 tape cases and AIT 8 mm tape storage cases. Other available products are Fire proof media safe cases, CD DVD storage cases, multi media storage cases and special storage cases.

All Product List

4mm DAT DDS Storage Cases

TURTLE-4MM-14 TURTLE-4MM-14 DDS DAT Storage Case with 'Pick and Pluck foam'
TURTLE-4MM-30 TURTLE-4MM-30 DDS DAT Storage Case- 30 Capacity

8mm AIT VXA Storage Cases

TURTLE-8MM-10 TURTLE-8MM-10 DDS DAT Storage Case - 10 Capacity
TURTLE-8MM-20 TURTLE-8MM-20 DDS DAT Storage Case - 20 Capacity
TURTLE-AIT-1 TURTLE-AIT-1 AIT 8mm VXA Storage Case - 1 Capacity

DLT Tape Storage cases

TURTLE-DLT-14 TURTLE-DLT-14 DLT Storage Case - 14 Capacity
TURTLE-DLT-20 TURTLE-DLT-20 DLT Storage Case - 20 Capacity
TURTLE-DLT-5 TURTLE-DLT-5 Storage Case - 5 Capacity

LTO Tape Storage Cases

LTO-Mailer LTO-Mailer Turtle LTO Ultrium Tape Storage Case - 1 Capacity
TURLTO-20 TURLTO-20 LTO Ultrium Storage Case -20 Capacity
TURLTO-5 TURLTO-5 LTO Ultrium Storage Case -5 Capacity

Multimedia Tape Storage Cases

MIDI-MULTI Turtle MIDI-MULTI Medium Multimedia Storage Case
MINI-MULTI Turtle MINI-MULTI Small Multimedia Storage Case
MULT1 Turtle MULT1 Multiple Media Storage Case
ULTI-MULTI Turtle ULTI-MULTI Large Multiple Media Storage Case

CD-DVD Storage Cases

Mailer Turtle Mailer Case DLT-LTO-OPT Storage Case
OPT-16 Turtle OPT-16 Optical Disk Storage Case 5.25" - 16 Capacity
OPT20-CD-DVD Turtle OPT20-CD-DVD Optical Disk Storage Case - 20 Capacity
OPT55-CD-DVD Turtle OPT55-CD-DVD Optical Disk Storage Case Turtle Case CD/DVD 55 Capacity

Waterproof Cases

WATER-LG-LTO WATER-LG-LTO Waterproof Storage Case - large
WATER-LG-UNI Turtle WATER-LG-UNI Universal Waterproof Transit Storage Case - large
WATER-MD-LTO 20 LTO / DLT Waterproof Cases- medium
WATER-MD-UNI Turtle Case Waterproof Universal Transit Case- medium
WATER-SM-LTO 10 LTO / DLT Waterproof Cases- small
WATER-SM-UNI Turtle Case Waterproof Transit Case- small

Master Cases Large Capacity

MASTER-ALUMINUM Turtle Master Aluminum - 5 Case Capacity
TURHD-72 Turtle Case HD - 72 Capacity
TURMASTER-5 Turtle Case Master 5 Blue