V422, NEC LCD V422 Large Screen 42 Inch Display Monitor

NEC LCD V422 Large Screen 42 Inch Display Monitor

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NEC LCD V422 Large Screen 42 Inch Display Monitor

NEC LCD V422 42 Inch TV Monitor is just right product for advertisement implements with superior video and audio presentation.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD V422 42 Inch TV PC Monitor is high quality big screen display embedded with Built in features comprise an analogue and digital tuner, swivel stand, low profile stereo speakers and closed captioning. This highly pleasing commercial grade LCD panel is proficient of displaying glowing imagery and capturing the viewer's awareness. This high class product delivers significance driven alternatives for educational organizations, lobbies, boardrooms and symposium rooms, while deal with the display requirements of digital signage users in vending, health clubs and waiting rooms. The NEC LCD V423 42 Inch Monitor Display integrated Video, RS-232 Control and power are approved within form the display to the computer, extra cabling is not necessary, thus make easier installations. With built-in temperature sensor and fans this excellence LCD display is just right in submissions that need comprehensive practice.
Now this product is replaced with V423.

Key Features

Commercial Grade LCD Panel (42 Inch)

LED Backlighting Technology

IPM (Intelligent Power Manager) system capability

USB Media Player (allow users to view JPG images)

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost

TileMatrix facilitate to create Video Walls up to 10x10

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Included DisplayNote NEC Edition Licences

NaViSetAdministrotor2Capability with software solution

Resolution (native) 1920x1080