V651, NEC LCD V651 Display 65 Inch Screen Monitor

NEC LCD V651 Display 65 Inch Screen Monitor

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Brand: NEC
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NEC LCD V651 Display 65 Inch Screen Monitor

NEC LCD V651 Screen 65 Inch TV Display Monitor increased your messaging without having to increase with your budget.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD V651 TV Monitor 65 Inch Screen Display offers a cost aware answer for your digital signage requests. Their high performance LCD panel and great quantity of highly developed technologies endorse extended use, while a flexible mechanical design make these sophisticated display idyllic for a broad selection of environments.Drive foot passage and sales in vend store sharpen eagerness in restaurants erect brand awareness and turn heads during staging in company lobbies and symposium rooms. The NEC LCD V651 Display Monitor 65 Inch TV Screen generate vibrant digital signage solutions in almost any space and realize your business objectives with high quality features like OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) the original industry wide regularity in alternative slots, make simpler installation, exercise and continuation of digital signage.

Key Features

Certified Grade LCD Panel (65 Inch)

Digital Tuner Capabilities

Compatible with HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort

Ethernet Plus RS-232 Remote Controlled Ability

USB Media Player to View JPG Images

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Built In Low Profile 10W Speakers With Quality Sound

TileMatrix Creates Video Wall Up to 10x10

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost

Resolution (native) 1920x1080