X551UN, NEC LCD X551UN 55 Inch Screen Display Monitor

NEC LCD X551UN 55 Inch Screen Display Monitor

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NEC LCD X551UN 55 Inch Screen Display Monitor

NEC LCD X551UN TV 55 Inch Display is high quality professional rank large screen that perform tough 24/7 operation in all condition.

Product Overview

The NEC LCD X551UN 55 Inch TV Monitor is high quality and takes the LCD panel video wall to new heights of contact. This is highly appreciated professional rank large display screen that is designed for nonstop functions while commencing new levels of contact to your capability. Superior advanced technologies of X Series contain through LED backlighting for enhanced uniformity, complete high definition resolution and a 5.5 mm remoteness bezel width. Moreover, this high quality display can be deployed in video walls up to 10x10(100 panels). The NEC LCD X551UN TV Monitor 55 Inch Screen offers Intel's OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) that is the first manufacturing wide regularity in alternative slots that allows simpler installation, use and preservation of digital signage. This LCD Screen is perfect for digital signage, entrance lobbies, boardrooms, and broadcast up to date applications, and can be organized in video wall requests.

Key Features

Professional Grade LCD Panel (55 Inch)

Digital Tuner Capabilities

TileMatrix Creates Video Wall Up to 10x10

Compact Packaging helps reduce waste and shipping cost

Compatible with HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort

Ethernet Plus RS-232 Remote Controlled Ability

Carbon Footprint Meter Capability (Environment Friendly)

Built In Low Profile 10W Speakers With Quality Sound


Resolution (native) 1920x1080